Your life resembles the myth of Sisyphus


Like Sisyphus,

you are constantly lifting the burdens of everyday life

and when you get to the top of your efforts,

it seems as if everything rolls down again.

You see your efforts not being rewarded as you expected

and there is a void in your life, despite your achievements








Everything seems like a big mess



 Deep in your mind, your heart and your soul

everything seems confusing and foggy

You are lost in a labyrinth of thoughts and emotions

and you don't even know where the beginning or the end is.

“Οίσειν ο τρόπος εστίν εύτακτος, τούτοις και ο βίος συντέτακται”

Those whose behaviour is in order; the life is also orderly.


About me



From an early age I was observant and focused on the essence of things.

A core Value and Need in my life is my personal development and growth. The first word that always came into my mind was "why". I loved philosophy and rationality.

I believed that the solution to all problems lied in Logic and Nature. With great effort and struggle, I reached the highest levels of Science and obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the study of Nature and Animals.

My mind was full, but my heart felt empty.

For a couple of years, I collaborated with an psycologist. I started to get in touch with my emotions and see the world through a new perspective. My heart was filled with emotions of all colours, shades and tones. Often, even with the darkest ones...

My heart was full, but my life was empty.

"Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened". So, I met my Life Coach, who later became my instructor. At that point I started to put things into place.

My life is now fulfilling and my world is bright.

I realized that:

  • Our mind is a very powerful tool.
  • Emotions are a very sophisticated alarm system.
  • I am the creator of my life
  • We live in a Universe of Love and Abundance
  • Everything in Life is possible. 

“Ουδέν οίδα ούτε διδάσκω τι, αλλά διαπορώ μόνον.”

I know nothing and I teach nothing, I am only wondering


Our collaboration



Your current position is just a step in your path.

You wish to go further and that is impressive!

You have reached that certain point for a reason.

In order to go further, you need something more...

You need to trust in your Inner Wisdom.

Unfold your mind and free your soul.

Become the deliberate creator of your life!

“ήθος ανθρώπω δαίμων”

The character of a man is his god (it determines his life)


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"Let your light shine bright!"



Michail Fragkiadakis
Life Coach

Paul Krugerstraat 29
6543MR, Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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